Meet Carl Knibb

I’m a Staffordshire based artist, whose work is dedicated to capturing light – from the changing light of natural landscapes, to the sparkle of water or the shadows and reflections of a street scene. I’m intrigued by what light can both hide and highlight.

In 2017, my painting of Lichfield Cathedral won first place in the Lichfield Cathedral ‘Capture the Cathedral’ competition. As part of my award this painting was exhibited alongside works by J M W Turner. Turner’s works are a formative influence on my own painting style, so to see my work alongside his was an incredible experience.

In 2018, I was chosen to compete in Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year. I won my heat with my painting of Fountains Abbey, and was delighted to be involved with the Sky Arts exhibition as it travelled around the UK.

Over the last two years I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to contribute several articles to The Artist Magazine. My work has appeared in magazines published as far afield as South Africa. It’s always a great honour to see my work in print, and to appear in the pages of publications I’ve been reading for years.

My inspiration for each painting can be different every time, but I’m always drawn to scenes that have some kind of interaction within them, whether that’s the flow and pattern of people in the street, or the relationship of light and shadow within a landscape.

I work in acrylics and oils, often sketching en plein air to try to capture a fleeting moment, then returning to my studio to expand on that idea. My paintings can take anything from a few hours to complete, to many weeks.

The UK is a wonderful place to paint. The weather here is changeable and unpredictable, and the light can go from diffuse and cloudy, to bright and clear in minutes. It’s these moments of transition that I try to capture.