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About ApolloArt

a decorative shape
A print of Points by Wassily Kandinsky from ApolloArt

Giles and Paul have been friends for over 20 years.

Giles has a photography background and a love for music (and is a slowly improving guitarist.) Paul has a passion for travel, culture, people, and galleries all over the world. The Chicago Art Institute, The Louvre, and The National Museum of Art, Architecture, and Design in Oslo¬ are a few of his favourites.
ApolloArt was born from these passions and friendship. Moved by the cultural wealth and breath-taking beauty we have experienced and come to love, we decided to launch a space where art enthusiasts could find and buy their favourite pieces to bring into their homes. ApolloArt carries a varied selection, produced to the highest standard.

“What art means to one person means something quite different to another. We recognise this and are proud to offer a diverse collection of pieces, ensuring you’ll be able to find the art you love to enjoy every day.”


– Giles and Paul, ApolloArt